Work from Home and Remote Job Opportunities in 2020

2020 has presented unique challenges and opportunities for the American workforce. Millions of Americans find themselves unemployed or underemployed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers and companies alike have had to come up with creative solutions for moving businesses forward among stay at home and social distancing orders.

Americans in several industries such as sales or technology have been working remotely for a decade or more, but an increasing number of employees are seeking remote or work from home jobs that can improve work/life balance and grant freedom from the traditional daily grind. As more people join the remote workforce, many are left wondering what the future of business will look like once this pandemic has passed.

Working from home

Will working from home become the norm?

The global economy is still coming to grips with the costs and benefits of employees working from home, and it may take a year or more to have a clear set of data to show the positives and negatives of remote work. But one thing is for certain: businesses will never again operate quite like they did before COVID-19.

Companies are already seeing the benefits of allowing employees to work from home. Two-thirds of managers report that employees who work from home are more productive, and recent data suggests that collectively employers will save $44 billion a year in operating expenses, such as office space, supplies, travel compensation and other overhead costs.

Employees enjoy the flexibility of remote work, with many citing the lack of a daily commute as one of the top benefits of working from home. Many workers report that they are able to focus more on their responsibilities because of a lack of workplace distraction and interruptions. For employees who thrive on social interaction, remote work may pose significant challenges as some employees may struggle with feelings of isolation.

For employees with children there are both advantages and disadvantages to telecommuting. As schools across the country shutter for the foreseeable future, parents are juggling childcare and job responsibilities. When society reopens and eases restrictions for sheltering in place, and children return to their brick and mortar schools, it is likely that parents who work from home will experience greater job satisfaction and freedom.

It makes sense from a financial perspective for businesses to offer remote job opportunities. Not only can remote work reduce operating costs, it can increase job satisfaction among employees, which in turn may reduce turnover and lower hiring expenses. Companies can also attract younger talent and new graduates, 68% of which cite remote work as a top factor in deciding who to work for.

Time will tell if working from home becomes the norm, but early indications point to remote work (even part-time options) becoming a permanent fixture of the American business landscape.

High paying work from home jobs

What is the highest paying work from home job?

It can be difficult to pinpoint which remote work opportunities are the most lucrative, primarily because the data is skewed by high ranking employees who have transitioned to working from home. It stands to reason that c-suite or manager level employees in any industry will typically earn more, whether they are working remotely or in a traditional office environment. Other factors that influence earning potential include whether a person is self-employed, and their level of education or special training.

The global pandemic (and associated layoffs) has prompted thousands of workers to re-evaluate their career choices and consider new job opportunities. From high school graduates to senior level employees, workers are increasingly searching for a job that provides good work/life balance and a secure income.

What work from home jobs are available?

Remote job opportunities are available in practically every sector of the economy, with positions available for workers with any level of education. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular positions that employers are actively seeking to fill in 2020:

Entry Level Remote Jobs

For those who have recently graduated high school or college, now is the perfect time to enter a career that offers the flexibility to work from home. There are plenty of entry level remote and online jobs available in every industry, including medical, insurance, business administration and sales.

Jobs Available Include:

Inside Sales Representative

Job Summary: Practically every business relies on inside sales representatives to prospect new customers. Remote Inside Sales Reps typically source sales via cold calling, lead follow-up calls, or through email. People who work in a sales capacity need to have great customer service, a winning personality, and the ability to achieve instant rapport with a potential customer. A successful inside sales representative will understand the customer’s needs and identify solutions that turn into sales opportunities.

Education Required: Inside sales representatives come from a wide range of education backgrounds, with most companies requiring a highschool diploma or GED.

Earning Potential: This job is typically compensated by commission, which means you receive a percentage of the value of every sale you close. The national average salary is $47,231.

Insurance Agent

Job Summary: Insurance agents operate in a number of fields including medical insurance, travel insurance, property & casualty insurance, car insurance, and many other specialties. The goal of any insurance agent is to prospect and develop a customer base in need of insurance coverage. Insurance agents also help their clients settle insurance claims, and provide ongoing support to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Education Required: Most insurance companies require an agent to have a highschool diploma or GED. You will also need to become licensed to sell your chosen type of insurance. Check with your state to learn more about the testing required to become an insurance agent.

Earning Potential: Entry level insurance agents with less than one year of experience make an average of $23.19 per hour.

Administrative Assistant

Job Summary: Administrative Assistants handle the day to day duties of other professionals within a business or office. These duties include file organization, preparation of reports, calendar management, scheduling appointments, and responding to email or phone inquiries. This is a general office support role.

Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent.

Earning Potential: Entry level Administrative Assistants make an average of $30,512 a year.

Remote Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs involve entering or updating customer and account information. This role is performed in a variety of industries, with the goal of maintaining accurate data records while protecting valuable company information. Successful data entry operators have great attention to detail, can type quickly and accurately, and practice high levels of confidentiality.

Jobs Available Include:

Data Entry Clerk

Job Summary: Data entry clerks input high volumes of data from many sources into a database, while ensuring entries are accurate and secure. Data entry clerks may be tasked with verifying and updating data.

Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent.

Earning Potential: Data entry clerks make an average of $27,995 a year.

Medical Data Entry Specialist

Job Summary: Medical Data Entry Specialists perform a variety of administrative duties within a healthcare environment. Their primary responsibilities include entering patient or sensitive medical data into a system, maintaining electronic records, and updating files. Medical Data Entry Specialists may also assist with medical billing and coding, transcription, insurance processing and billing.

Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent.

Earning Potential: The average yearly salary for this position is $27,995.

Remote Accounting Jobs

Accounting jobs are great opportunities for people who enjoy math and are highly analytical. Accounting jobs can be performed within a company (what is referred to as “in house”) or outsourced to a CPA firm or other freelancer.

Jobs Available Include:

Accounting Clerk

Job Summary: Accounting Clerks typically work under the supervision of senior accountants or managers within the accounting department. Daily responsibilities include maintaining and updating the general ledger, file management, processing of bills, and some front office or clerical duties.

Education Required: Most Accounting Clerks have earned an associate’s degree or higher, but some entry level positions may accept a high school diploma.

Earning Potential: Accounting Clerks earn an average of $39,882 per year.

Staff Accountant

Job Summary: Staff Accountants are mid to senior level accountants with increased responsibilities within an accounting department. These responsibilities include consolidating financial statements, maintaining and balancing consolidation systems, preparing payments for disbursement, reconciling accounts, and other duties required of a management level employee.

Education Required: Staff Accountants are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field.

Earning Potential: This position earns an average salary of $53,011 per year.

Tax Preparer

Job Summary: Tax Preparers are responsible for helping clients prepare and submit tax returns. They may also advise clients about their taxes and perform auditing of tax forms for accuracy.

Education Required: There are no standard requirements for education, though most tax preparers possess a high school diploma or equivalent.

Earning Potential: Tax Preparers make an average of $16.47 per hour.

Remote Marketing Jobs

For many, the word “marketing” refers to advertising or promoting a product or service. While that is true in many cases, marketing includes a number of specialties and practice areas, including digital advertising, graphic design and blogging. Each of these specialties can be performed remotely and independently in the form of freelance work. These jobs are perfect for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and creative mind.

Jobs Available Include:

Social Media Manager

Job Summary: Social media managers work with clients to create and post compelling content on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and more. A person in this position needs to be creative and possess both written and graphic design skills, as you will be creating messages and images meant to attract users to click on links, make a purchase, or engage with a brand.

Education Required: Any level of education. This job can be self-taught or through supplemental learning online.

Earning Potential: This position pays an average of $17 per hour.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

Job Summary: SEO Specialists utilize research and data analysis to improve a website’s rank on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. A person in this position needs to have strong analytical skills and experience using website platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, and other popular platforms.

Education Required: To be qualified for this position you will need to have a number of SEO certifications. These certifications can be earned online. Many SEO Specialists have a bachelor’s degree in marketing and have some code/web development experience.

Earning Potential: This position pays an average of $49,589 a year.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist

Job Summary: SEM Specialists plan, implement and manage a client’s paid search marketing campaigns. A person in this position will research and develop advertisements in platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Ads. To be successful in this role, a person must have strong research and analytical skills, and the ability to effectively and creatively manage a client’s budget.

Education Required: To be qualified for this position you will need to earn advertising certifications through Google, Bing and other search engine marketing platforms. You will use creativity to develop compelling advertising copy, as well as technical knowledge for placing paid advertisements.

Earning Potential: This position earns an average of $47,168 a year. Your income may also be influenced by the commission you may earn as a media buyer.


Job Summary: Blogging has become a wildly popular hobby, but did you know that you can earn substantial income as a professional blogger? Bloggers primarily work in a freelance capacity, though some full time jobs are available with marketing agencies. Professional bloggers research trends and keywords to inform topics that are relevant to their client’s brand or story. Using their technical and creative writing skills, bloggers create articles that drive users to a client’s website for the purposes of generating awareness or sales.

Education Required: Any level of education. Many bloggers are skilled and self-taught writers. Bloggers who wish to work in a marketing agency may be required to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Earning Potential: Bloggers who work within an agency make an average of $33,296 a year. For freelancer bloggers, income depends largely on the amount of clients available, and hours worked each month.

Graphic Designer

Job Summary: Graphic Designers work as freelancers or within a marketing agency to develop many marketing materials, including print collateral, digital advertisements, UI/UX web designs, product packaging and more. Some graphic designers will specialize in roles such as website design or traditional marketing for magazines, billboards, etc.

Education Required: While some graphic designers are self taught most professionals hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

Earning Potential: Graphic designers earn an average of $45,677 a year.

Search for jobs online

How do I find remote work jobs?

To find more jobs, search Google by entering the phrase, “work from home jobs” or “remote jobs for [insert job title].”

Finding the perfect remote job will take plenty of research and a little gumption to try new things, but a rewarding work from home opportunity is waiting for you! Good luck and happy hunting!

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