High School Then & Now: 1980s vs 2010s

1980 vs. 2010 Infographic

So much has changed within the last 40 years. Technology, science, culture, and almost everything in between. Do you remember what car you drove during high school? The songs you danced to at Prom? Keep reading to take a stroll down memory lane.

There’s one thing that will never change – our love for music! The 80s were a time where MTV played nothing but music videos (does anyone remember the “Sledgehammer” video?) Iconic artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, and Phil Collins began their music career in the 80s.

Hits of the 1980s

“When Doves Cry” Prince
“Take On Me” A-ha
“Funkytown” Lipps Inc
“Sledgehammer” Peter Gabriel

Rave culture and techno music grew in popularity throughout the 90s, but pop took over in the 2000s. EDM (electronic dance music) has influenced mainstream music as we know it today. Many of the top songs in the 2010s have some electronic influence.

Hits of the 2010s

“Levels” Avicii
“Born This Way” Lady Gaga
“Turn Down For What” DJ Snake & Lil Jon
“Titanium” David Guetta feat. Sia

School Lunch in the 80s

Fast food restaurants saw an increase in popularity in the 1980s. In fact, most high school menus included hamburgers, french fries, hotdogs, and fried chicken. In 1979, the USDA loosened nutritional guidelines which allowed schools to sell candy bars and chips in vending machines. 

School Lunch Today

The USDA revised nutritional guidelines in 2011, resulting in changing the food pyramid into a plate and cup with five different food groups. Schools have changed their menus to offer healthy options, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy-free pints of milk, and gluten-free foods. Organic foods are more popular than ever. In 2016, organic sales broke records, raking in $46 billion.

Cars in the 80s

With major technological advances over the last 40 years, it’s no surprise that cars and trucks have transformed significantly over time. The 1984 BMW 733i was one of the first high-end cars that featured cruise control, power windows, and wooden interior trim.

Cars in the 2010s

Fast forward to 2020 – Many high-end cars now have heated seats, wireless chargers, driver assistance, GPS, and more! Over the next 10 years, consumers will see an increase in driver-less vehicles and other high tech changes in transportation.

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