The Don’ts Of High School Reunions

You may feel nervous about your upcoming high school reunion and may be overwhelmed with thoughts. What if you mess up by saying something wrong? Is what you’ve chosen to wear appropriate for the occasion? What if you meet your former adversary? It’s normal to feel worried about meeting your friends and former classmates, whom you haven’t seen for a very long time. On the other hand, there may also be some people you may not wish to avoid, because of the bad experiences you had with them in high school. 

Do remember that high school reunions don’t happen very often, and this may be your only opportunity to reconnect with your old friends and to get to know how they are getting on in life. You may also make new friends and discover new interests during your high school reunion. However, as with every reunion, there are some social etiquettes you should adhere to, and here are some things that you should avoid during your reunion.

Don’t Chase After your Ex

It’s rarely easy to meet up with a former paramour. Sure, you both found each other attractive 10 years ago, but times have changed and you’ve both grown as people and moved on with your lives, so it’s always important to look forward. Your ex will likely have a new boyfriend or girlfriend, or might be happily married. Don’t take this reunion as a chance to rekindle old romances, odds are both of you have changed significantly since your high school days.

While it is perfectly fine to approach your ex and talk to him or her, you should generally avoid bringing up your past relationship. This is especially so if either party might have done something hurtful in the past. Keep the conversation cordial and relaxed, talk about the good things that have happened since and be happy for one another.

Ease Up on the Alcohol

If you are at a reunion, it can be easy to forget yourself and get overly engrossed in the moment. This might then lead to a few too many drinks throughout the night. We all know that large quantities of alcohol can lead to some very undesirable behavior. 

You may find yourself incapable of controlling some bodily functions, making a mess for others to clean up, or say and do things that you may not remember but end up regretting. This will leave a negative impression on your former schoolmates. While a reunion is a party and you should enjoy yourself, remember to drink responsibly and always be in control of your actions.

Don’t Compete to Impress Others

It may be tempting to show off how successful you’ve become since high school, and to tell others about your latest achievements or monetary benefits. However, you should not make the conversation too focused on your achievements, as it will make you sound arrogant and give off the wrong impression to others. People may not wish to engage in conversations with you as you may seem too like too much of a braggart, looking to put people down or make them feel like less of a success. Remember, every judges success and happiness differently. It’s not always about material achievements.

It’s a reunion and everyone is there to enjoy themselves. Be humble, be open to different perspectives and avoid boasting about your successes to impress others, you even offend some people behaving that way. Instead of talking only about yourself and your achievements, you can inquire about others and how they are doing.

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