Starting A New Career In Your 50s? 7 Tips For Success

Starting A New Career In Your 50s 7 Tips For Success

Over your lifetime, you may have as many as 11 jobs or more. From the time you landed your very first job, whether you knew it or not, you should have been working on becoming someone who is readily employable later in life. Fortunately, even if you’re nearing retirement age, if you’ve decided to keep working, it’s never too late to polish up on your work strengths.

The following will be some tips about pursuing a new career in your 50s. Imagine attending your 30-year high school class reunion and being able to discuss your new job with your former classmates.

Skills and Competence

Below, we are going to recommend some skills you may want to cultivate. In no way, however, should they replace loyalty to your task or competence. On top of your other abilities, you may be more hirable if you put some effort into the extras. Here are some tips.

Don’t Get Defensive About Feedback

Feedback is important. So is how you react to it. If people are afraid to come to you with suggestions because you’re going to get angry, discouraged, grumpy, etc., you’re going to miss out on a lot of important input from which you could be benefiting. Part of learning something new every day (see below) will be your ability to listen and take in suggestions, advice, and instruction.

Never Stop Learning

Be a little adventurous and curious regarding what’s new. Expose yourself to places you’ve never gone. Read books. Cultivate new skills. If you can, learn something new every day.

Be Aware of Your Business World

Join groups online and industry forums. Follow important blogs and read the trade and business press. Keep up with your industry as a whole, not just the state of your company.

Have an Enjoyable Personality

Someone who’s enjoyable to be around is very likely to be hired over someone who is an absolute pain. Be generous, grateful, and gracious. Deal with any problems you may have involving anxiety, anger, or depression. You’re harder to like but easier to read if your face shows anxiety or chronic anger.

Irons in the Fire

It’s okay to have a second career (aka, side hustle) in addition to your major career focus. They can either be in the same industry or completely unrelated. Naturally, don’t spread yourself too thin.

Practice Self-Care and Maintain High Energy and a Good Spirit

Stay healthy, have plenty of energy, get enough sleep, and stay fit. Make changes in your life if you’re getting stressed out. Keep your weight at a healthy level. Avoid financial problems by not living beyond your means.

Networking and Friendships

Yes, networking is important. But you should also concentrate on developing friendships as well as business acquaintances. Celebrate people’s successes, send out thank you notes, stay in touch with people, remember their stories, and take an interest in others. Be a trustworthy, generous, and loyal friend.

Tell All Your Former Classmates About Your New Career at the Next Class Reunion

If you’re in your 50s, 40s, 60s, or what have you, it’s fun to share information such as new careers with former classmates. We can help you put together your next class reunion here at Alumni Class. Imagine finding out what your old flame is up to these days or how the best friend you haven’t talked to in years is doing. We have numerous tools and features for member access and would love to tell you about them. Get started today!

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