Social Features for Schools and Alumni

Social Features for Schools and Alumni

In today’s technological world, most people around the world are on social media sites. In fact, more than three million people frequently use social media as a way to connect and establish relationships with others. It makes sense as social media erases borders and allows everyone to connect and converse with each other despite being miles away. This is why there’s a need for social features on alumni sites as today’s communities are increasingly digital-forward. In addition, such social features allow schools and institutions to connect with alumni around the world and at any time, ensuring convenience and efficiency. Therefore, with Alumni Class, we provide social features for schools and alumni.

What Are Social Features for Schools and Alumni?

Our social features allow both schools and alumni to publish news and events in a quick manner, as well as allow students to share photos and information, post messages and interact with each other at all times. This is achieved through a user-friendly interface, visually appealing, and secure alumni sites that are completely complimentary for schools and faculties to use. We understand that most people are using mainstream social media sites like Facebook and Twitter these days, so we have made sure that our sites allow members to link their pages to their respective reunion pages. This makes it much easier for other members to access their online information and images and can come in handy when planning for a school reunion or other events. What’s more, with the rise of cybercrimes, we ensure that the privacy of all members and their alumni sites are well-protected by the strict policies that are put in place.

Benefits of Social Features for Schools and Alumni

Whether you’re wanting to broadcast your reunion event to a wider audience or locate a former classmate whose contact information you’ve lost, social features can be extremely helpful by providing ease and convenience. For the alumni themselves, these social features allow them to re-connect with their old classmates and keep up-to-date on their lives by reading their posts and looking at their images. Considering that some alumni may have moved to another country for either work or personal reasons, social features help to bridge the gap and provide a platform for these alumni to connect with others. When it comes to the institutions, social features can allow them to create tailored content and build a global community that’s engaged and active.

Why Choose Alumni Class?

From building close relationships between schools and alumni to creating an engaging community around the world, Alumni Class is all about providing a platform for alumni to re-connect and network with each other, while allowing schools to engage with their alumni for volunteering and mentoring purposes. Our alumni sites are all constructed with social features that make reunions with classmates much easier. What’s more, Alumni Class offers reunion and event planning tools that provide a streamlined way for you to plan your reunion.

To learn more about Social Features for Schools and Alumni, contact us today.

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