Planning A High School Reunion: All The Things You Need To Know

Planning a high school reunion can sometimes be a daunting task. However, when executed properly, each and everyone can relive their glorious school days in just no time. There can be times when you ask yourself about the best place to get started especially when it comes to class reunion. Remember the more the planning the better your high school reunion is going to be. Now before you start off with the intimidating task of high school reunion, let us take you through some planning steps.

Forming A Committee

Planning a high school alumni reunion typically falls on the class officers as well as the class president. However, there isn’t any sort of hard and fast rule that it has to be one of them. Once a proper committee leader is identified, then it’s time to get the ball rolling. It is important to form a committee with many people to help. The overall size of the committee will be depending on how small or how big the school body is. Generally, for every twenty-five heads, there should be one committee member. This can be a great way to determine how many hands you will be needing for planning a high school reunion. Here is a list of the potential roles in a school committee: 

  • Reunion Chair: The person or the leader who is in charge of organizing the whole committee.
  • Beverage and Catering Chair: This position includes one or two people who can be of help in locking a perfect location as well as looking after the options for food and beverage.
  • Treasurer: The treasurer is in charge of all sorts of monetary duties.
  • Invitation and Contact Chair: The person in charge of this position must manage all RSVP’s as well as track down the classmates and school students.
  • Decoration Chair: The person responsible for this position looks after all sorts of banners, memorabilia, and decoration.

Connecting With Old Classmates

The next important step is to find high school classmates. You can any day reach out to your old school folks with the help of social media sites or through peer to peer contact. You can try using social media sites like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

Forming A Budget

After you have formed the committee, now it is time to establish a budget. Many high schools are having a built-in class fund whereas others depend on the fiscal responsibilities of the pass out students. 

Nailing Down The Location

Once all the above steps are sorted, now its time to nail down a location. There are many schools where the school reunions occur at the school premises itself however there are others that like to throw a get together off-site. 

Planning All The Food And Beverages

The next big step is to sort out the beverage and food aspects. Check out if the outdoor location offers catering, or if you need to bring your own food and beverages. In case you are in charge of this position, it is high time that you need to work closely with the Treasurer in order to ensure that you are well kept within the budget.

Send Out Reminders

After chalking out all the above plans now its time to send out reminders. Try resending the invitation again to anyone who hasn’t given any response. You can try connecting through social media handles or can try going rogue and give them a phone call.

It’s Now Time For The Reunion

After all the planning process is done, now it is high time to enjoy the final evening. Its time for your old friendship stories to pick up, or even your old romance to get rekindled. We bet that you will get transported back in time even if it is only for a night. 

No matter whatever you do, you can now keep in touch with your old classmates by making an account on AlumniClass and fetch out to what they have ended up.

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