Ideas To Plan A High School Reunion

Ideas To Plan A High School Reunion

Loathe it or love it, high school is often termed as the most defining part of most of us. It seldom happens that we remain in touch with our old classmates after schooling. Nowadays with the advent of social media, it is now easier to remain in touch with our old crew. However, there’s nothing better than getting together in person and discuss the glory of old days and climb down the ladder of memory lane. No matter if you are in your thirty’s or fifty’s, here in this blog we are going to discuss some of the best ideas that can help you plan your high school reunion.

  • Location, Location, and Location:

If you are planning your high school reunion it is always a good idea to plan it in a particular destination. Here are some of the ideas, which you can follow to enjoy a mind-boggling reunion.

  1. Hit The High Seas: In case your hometown is near any water body, you can try considering a nice party cruise or plan a riverboat for the evening. 
  2. Meet Your Folks At Your Old Watering Hole: No matter if it’s an infamous party spot or a kitschy restaurant, your former hanging out area will be indeed a great area to get your group together. Try bringing a lot of old photos in the event day that features your old classmates at the venue.
  3. Try Getting On The Field:  You can set up fields and then host your high school alumni reunion at your school’s soccer field. 
  4. Go Old School: Imagine that your alma mater is standing and it can accommodate your group, you can try having the reunion in the gym or the cafeteria. If you are looking for this option, find out all the rules about serving some adult beverages on the premises.
  5. Have A Brew: Remember the fact that nothing breaks the ice similar to a cold craft beer. Breweries and craft beer are in mainstream these days. Many of them offer sprawling indoor or outdoor areas where a bunch of people can be hosted. You can try reaching out to the brewmaster in order to create a special beer and commemorate your reunion event. 
  • Try Out A Theme

Trying out a cool theme with your high school classmates on the day of your alumni event can work wonders. Here are a few ideas which you can try out.

  1. Prom Night: Try recreating your old prom with décor from the year you passed out. Ask all your classmates to dress in their prom attire and perform a dance for the prom queen and prom king.
  2. Casino Night: You can even try offering casino-style games such as blackjack, craps, etc. This idea can make your event go wow.
  3. Tailgate: You can always try planning out your reunion during a football season and then try setting up a tailgate tent under the big night lights. You can even tell all your alumni classmates to wear school colors such that you guys can watch the game together. 
  • Things You Can Do 
  1. Try Out Being Picture Perfect: You can now break out the yearbook in order to recreate your old superlative photos and try doing it in every reunion. It will be really funny to see how much all your class clowns have changed in every five or ten years.
  2. Now And Then: Scour through your classmates yearbook in order to find out all the clubs and activities that they loved back then. You can try comparing to what they are doing right now.
  3. Name The Tune: Try creating a playlist of songs that were popular back then when you were in school. You can try playing them all throughout the evening. Make all your alumni guess the name of the song, their artists and win small prizes.

All these tips can surely make your high school reunion an event and all your old classmates will remember this for many years in the future. Remember the most important part of a reunion is to have fun while catching up with the school mates.

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