High School Reunion Ideas for All Ages

2020 is a hallmark year for high school reunions. Many plans are already underway as graduates from every generation prepare for perhaps their biggest reunion yet. If you’re in charge of putting on the party, look no further! We’ve put together some creative themes and ideas for high school reunions, and offered tips on where to find the perfect outfit to match.

50th high school reunion

50th High School Reunion - Beatles, Bowl Cuts and Bell Bottoms

Of all of the graduating classes on our list, no one cuts a rug better than the class of 1970! If you were in high school in the late 60s, chances are you rocked a pair of go-go boots, bell-bottoms and a shag or bowl hairdo. A 60s theme never goes out of style, because let’s be honest, few styles are groovier than the iconic look of the 60s.

What to Wear

The possibilities are endless! While there are plenty of iconic styles for the era, the 60s offer a wide range of costume options. If your party leans more Beatles and Rock n Roll, you’ll want to invest in a pair colorful statement trousers and a loose silk shirt. Jimi Hendrix had psychedelic fashion down pat.

If your theme leans more Woodstock hippie chic, consider tie dye twill, lots of fringe, bell bottoms and as many colorful beads as you can gather.

Don’t forget iconic 60s accessories! Complete your look with a pair of vintage cat eye glasses, moccasins, saddle shoes, or wedges.

Where to Shop

Before you hit Google, pay a visit to a thrift store. 60s theme parties are popular for a variety of occasions (not just reunions) so you may luck out and pick up an ensemble another party goer no longer has a use for. You could even hold a contest for the best dressed and thriftiest attendee, with a maximum budget limit.

If you don’t have any luck thrifting it, check out the 60s theme fashion on etsy. Boho, belted cocktail dresses, colorful suits and more are available from talented artisans across the globe. You’re bound to find something one of a kind!

40th High School Reunion - Bohemian Fever

The class of 1980 landed squarely on the verge of one of America’s most colorful (and some might argue, bizarre) cultural trends. Glam rock and neon permeated the 80s, but that’s not necessarily your style. You probably lean more toward the rock or disco scenes. Can’t decide between disco balls or a punk rock party? Graduates of 1980 were rebels and pioneers, so consider merging the wonderfully weird world of the 70s by throwing a party that celebrates all of the funk and flare of the era. It’s disco inferno meets heavy metal: Bohemian Fever!

What to Wear

You’ll no doubt be spinning all kinds of tunes for the class of 1980—Queen, Led Zeppelin, KC and The Sunshine Band… the track list will span longer than the party, that’s for sure! With all of that great music comes ample opportunity to encourage your classmates to embrace the style that no doubt made them who they are today. Open up the dress code to include everything from disco flare and leisure suits, all the way to crop tops, jeans and leather jackets. Keeping the party theme open to all the hits of the 70s gives everyone a great ice breaker opportunity. It will be easy to tell the metal heads from the hippies, and the bohemians from the glam rockers. What better way to start a conversation than by bonding over your favorite tunes?

Where to Shop

Before you start your hunt for a leisure suit, have you checked your closet for buried treasure? You never know what you could piece together from a collection of vintage shirts and vests!

Be sure to check out Rusty Zipper, a great online resource for inspiration. You can browse numerous categories of fashion broken down by decade, and piece together the perfect 70s ensemble to fit your music style.

20th High School Reunion - A Festivus for the Best of Us

It should come as no surprise to you that kids these days are binge-watching Friends like it’s going off of Netflix (oh, wait…). You grew up with some of the best TV shows to date: Freaks & Geeks, The Fresh Prince of Bel- Air, Full House, Boy meets World… we’re talking truly timeless stuff here. No one appreciates streaming services quite like you, Class of 2000. That’s why there’s no better theme for your 20th high school reunion than a celebration of 90s media!  

What to Wear

With so many iconic 90s TV shows to choose from, the costume possibilities are endless. Pick your favorite TV character and get to Googling. Don’t forget your favorite animated families! You can go full Halloween-creative with a Simpsons or Hey Arnold! costume. Looking for a classic 90s couples costume?  It has to be Zach and Kelly from Saved By The Bell.

Where to Shop

Truth be told, if you’re going as Cory or Topanga, you probably already have something ready to go (you may need to swing by your parents’ house to raid your old closet). Going as Agent Scully of X-Files fame? Head on over to etsy for a show-accurate FBI badge. If you’re more of a Fresh Prince, you’ll want to steal this look with a neon baseball hat and retro t-shirt, cotton shorts and matching Jordans. 

10th High School Reunion - High School Cliques

Of all the graduating classes on our list, the Class of 2010 is comprised of the widest range of subcultures and identities. Goth and scene kids, anime nerds, jocks. Everyone had a “thing” and chances are you never co-mingled. Don’t be sad, emo kid. Your 10 year reunion is the perfect opportunity to put the cringe behind you and reunite with people you probably weren’t cool enough to hang out with in 2010. Ah, reunions: the great equalizers.

What to Wear

The High School Clique theme gives you ample opportunity to relive your former social circle and style, or sample an identity you perhaps didn’t have the courage to embrace while in school. Was Japanese culture a big deal for you? Try your hand at cosplay. Were you more of a dark and broody type? Good news, Hot Topic never left! If you were sporty enough to earn a letterman jacket, make Uncle Rico proud and dust that puppy off.

Where to Shop

Having grown up with the internet, nobody can navigate e-commerce quite like you. You don’t need us to tell you where to look! But in the interest of being helpful, check out these sites for one-stop-shop outfits:

Marching Band Outfits

The “It” Girl Velour Tracksuit

Hip Hop Fashion

Gothic Clothing

2020 marks a huge milestone for every generation of graduate! We hope you’re inspired to plan a reunion that celebrates what makes your class unique. Visit AlumniClass to search for upcoming reunions in your town!

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