Great Conversation Starters For Your High School Reunion

Great Conversation Starters For Your High School Reunion

It’s probably happened to everyone: You’re in an elevator, riding past floor after floor. Maybe you’re in a tightly packed bus or subway car. Regardless, you run into an old high school friend you haven’t talked to in years. Now what?

Every once in a while, we may find ourselves lacking something to say to someone we used to know so well. If you’re planning a class reunion soon, or intend to attend one, you may appreciate a handful of reunion conversation starters to get the ball rolling. In pursuit of that endeavor, we are going to offer a few here today.

Glory Days and Old Dreams

Everyone had dreams and ambitions when they were in high school. Have you, and have they, fulfilled those dreams and lived up to their ambitions? Given here are some examples:

  • “Hey, remember when we talked about starting a catering business? Did you ever go through with that?”
  • “You were so good at sports! We all talked about you getting on a professional team. Did you play for any teams, or are you coaching anyone?”

Friends in Common

No, this is not an opportunity for gossiping! But bringing up other people whom the two of you knew may be a good way to open a conversation. If it’s someone you both actually cared or care about, even better. You might decide to look them up at the reunion together and do some reminiscing.

Remember When…

While it isn’t great to dwell on days gone by, now and then, it’s beneficial to recall some of the past experiences shared with an old friend. The sense of bonding you experienced back then can be rekindled somewhat. Conversation starters include:

  • “Do you remember when we…”
  • “Remember all the fun we used to have when we all got together and …”

Family and Job

In most cases, your old friend will enjoy talking about their life in general regarding their family, their career, and more. These are two areas of conversation that usually flow freely and offer good conversation filler. Here are a few questions to get you going:

  • “Do you have any kids?”
  • “So, have you done any traveling?”
  • “Where are you working these days? What does your job entail?”

Tried-and-True, Traditional Greeting

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a simple:

  • “So, what have you done for the last ___years?”
  • “How have you been all these years?”

Catching up is what most everyone will be doing at the class reunion, and these opening questions offer the perfect opportunity to do just that. Since you’ve last seen each other, a lot of time has probably passed, so questions about what’s been going on during that time are good ways to start a conversation.

Alumni Class Can Help You with Some Great Reunion Conversation Starters

Alumni Class sites have social features like message boards, photo sharing, and interactive features for the enjoyment of our members. Few things can start a conversation quite the way an old photo can! Need help planning your event? We offer event and reunion planning tools for members. Contact us now!

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