Dedicated Alumni Sites

As students graduate and leave school, each of them will follow their own career path in life, which means that most of them would drift away from each other and the school or institution. However, in order for the school to continue progressing and keeping in touch with its former students, forming a strong and engaged alumni network is crucial. Not only does an alumni network provide a platform for communication between the institution and former students, but it also garners support and review for the institutions. There are no better ambassadors for the school than the previous students themselves who had studied there, so an alumni network provides them the necessary tools to carry out this role. If you’re looking for an experienced alumni network provider, Alumni Class is the way to go.

What Are Dedicated Alumni Sites?

With Alumni Class, you can look forward to dedicated alumni sites that foster social belonging among students, encourage opportunities to stay engaged in the community, and create value in the alumni journey for each former student. Alumni sites are usually created to achieve goals like fundraising, volunteer management, event planning, mentoring current students, providing career advice, and many more. You can rest assured our dedicated alumni sites are formed to offer these features. Our sites also provide a social platform where schools and institutions can communicate with their former students through personalized channels, such as email campaigns, newsletters, notifications, and a range of social media networks.

Our dedicated alumni sites can be established in all states in the United States and Canada, including Alaska, Hawaii, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island. By establishing an alumni site with Alumni Class, members will also receive a complimentary reunion book and access to special merchandise.

Benefits of Dedicated Alumni Sites

Having dedicated alumni sites benefit both institutions and former students. For the institutions themselves, an alumni organization provides opportunities for these former students to volunteer with the school, offer suggestions on improvements, and mentor current students on career advice and educational tips. All these help to boost up the image of the school and eventually increase its ranking. For the former students themselves, an alumni site can provide networking opportunities. An example would be that recent graduates can form connections with established professionals in a specific field if they’re looking to change careers or switch up their job fields.

Why Choose Alumni Class?

What’s great about Alumni Class is that our dedicated alumni sites all contain social features, such as photo sharing, message boards, and interactive features that allow members to better engage with each other. We also take the privacy of our members as a top priority, and we enforce this through our strict policies and effective customer services. If you’re worried that you’ll have a hard time finding your classmates, fret not, as our alumni sites can be organized into specific class years, making it much easier for members to connect with their classmates.

To learn more about Dedicated Alumni Sites, contact us today.

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