Class Reunion Planning 101

With so many logistics and details to take care of, it’s understandable that planning a class reunion can be a daunting task. It can even get overwhelming at times if you do not know where to start. However, fret not, as Alumni Class is here to help you. With this class reunion planning 101 guide, we have provided all the necessary information you need to create and host a successful class reunion. These tips and tricks work for any crowd, from less than 50 alumni members getting together to over 100. Regardless of the number of attendees and how big the class reunion will be, this step-to-step guide offers all the necessary information to ensure that you stay on track and within budget.

How Do You Plan A Class Reunion?

In order to plan a class reunion, here are the steps to follow:

  • How to Begin

To start, there are a few things you need to do before actually planning out the logistics of the event. A class reunion tends to have a Reunion Planning Committee, which is filled with a group of alumni who manage and plan the overall event. This is why it’s recommended to bring aboard alumni members who have a background in food catering, event management, and entertainment as they have the necessary experience and industry connections to better plan the event. What’s more, the committee should be diverse in order to have a wide range of ideas and suggestions. Other factors to consider include planning out a timeline leading up to the event and tracking classmates.

  • Budgeting and Funding

Budgeting and funding are incredibly important as they make the event come to life. Let’s face it, everything needs money, and planning and carrying out a class reunion is no different. Having a proper budget in place also allows you to determine how much the ticket cost will be if you would attendees to pay for the event. Of course, there’s no need for saying that the ticket cost should not be too expensive in order to increase guest attendance. When you’re setting a budget, do consider factors like expenses, venue cost, entertainment cost, and liability insurance, to name a few.

  • Spreading The Word

Once the class reunion is planned out, it’s time to advertise your event and invite guests. Since some alumni members moved out of town or even the country for work or personal reasons, it can be difficult to track these classmates. The best and arguably the most effective way to find classmates is through social media, which is why Alumni Class’ alumni sites are all incorporated with social features that allow members to connect with each other regardless of where they’re at. Other ways are to run an ad and post flyers, as long as you have the budget to do so. Afterward, it’s recommended to create a reunion website, while corresponding with each guest and confirming their attendance.

  • Organizing The Class Reunion

With so many guests to host and on-site logistics to oversee during the event, it can get disorganized very soon. As such, it’s crucial to make sure you’re on track with everything you need to do in order to ensure the event runs smoothly. During the day itself, you would want to register each guest and their plus-ones, if there are any, as well as prepare other things like putting up signages, organizing registration kits, and doing up any last-minute decorations.

Why Choose Alumni Class?

With Alumni Class, it’s never been easier to plan a class reunion with our reunion and event planning tools. What’s more, you don’t have to take much time to track classmates as our social features provide that convenience for you, as well as our alumni sites that bring all members together.

To learn more about Alumni Class, contact us today.

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