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School Reunion

Class reunions are all about reconnecting with old friends and classmates and going down memory lane. As students graduate and leave school, many of them would tend to lose connections due to a difference in career paths and the fact that everyone goes about their life in various ways. The truth of the matter is that people come and go, and we will all belong to different groups of friends as we move from one phase to another. However, this does not mean that we should lose friendships along the way. This is why class reunions are especially important, not only for the possible opportunities to network but also as a way to relieve the enjoyment of school and reminiscence the people once in our lives.

What Are Some Class Reunion Ideas?

There are many ways and themes to host a class reunion. The more common ones are a cocktail party, where guests are required to dress in formal-casual outfits, and a casual party where a range of sports and other activities are hosted as well.


Budgeting is incredibly important as no one wishes to blow their budget while planning for an event. Usually, budgeting manners are managed by the Alumni Committee. Budget can be applied to every logistics of the event, from the venue to entertainment. Remember, in order for more guests to attend, the ticketing costs, if there is, should be kept low. You can do so by hosting the class reunion in an affordable location rather than a rooftop bar, which can no doubt be expensive. Another way is to remove the DJ or request for a member of the alumni to play the music instead. 


Entertainment is what keeps the event going and alive. With good entertainment, the guests would be kept engaged for a longer time as well, ensuring a successful event. There are many ideas for entertainment, such as hosting a slide presentation of yearbook photos, bringing in a live band, a class trivia and questionnaire, and photo-taking time with a professional photographer. You can pick and choose which entertainment and activities to have in your class reunion, though some aspects are a must in all events, like music, internet connection for online meet-ups for those who can’t make to the event, and videos. Have in stored some door prizes as well to encourage guests attendance.


In today’s age where everyone is using social media, it won’t be too hard to locate old classmates. While it’s understandable that some people may not wish to attend for either work or personal reasons, it never hurts to encourage them to make a concerted effort to come down to the event, especially if it’s held in their state or city. If the guest list is not long enough, you can also consider inviting other schoolmates from other classes or years, and inviting spouses and other plus-ones. When sending out the invitations, use a mailing list for more efficiency.


When it comes to organizing the class reunion, communication is key. Everyone should stay in constant contact with each other and guests should be kept up-to-date with all news. This is especially important as all guests would not be left out of any important details leading up to the event. You can ensure that our guests are contactable by including them in a newsletter, issuing advance notices, and inviting them into an online group like an alumni site.


Location plays a crucial role in creating the whole theme of the event. If you’re looking for something more casual, where guests can play games and have picnics, hosting the class reunion in a garden would be the obvious choice. However, for those looking for something more formal, an evening reunion in a bar would surely make an impression. Of course, do keep in mind the budget as well as you’re looking for a venue for your event.

Why Choose Alumni Class?

With Alumni Class, you can rest assured that your class reunion will go as smoothly as possible. We provide reunion and event planning tools to allow you to have a checklist of what logistics are required to plan such events. What’s more, our alumni sites help institutions and students to connect with each other.

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