A Guide On Preparing For A High School Reunion

High school reunions can be a fun and exciting affair. It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with your old friends and reminisce about the memorable experiences throughout high school. If you are thinking of planning a high school reunion, it’s always better to be over prepared than underprepared. 

It takes a lot of effort to prepare for a high school reunion, often filled with challenging and daunting tasks, but if it is executed properly, it will be an occasion to remember and allow everyone to relive some of the happiest days of their youth, while rekindling friendships. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a high school reunion.

Start Early

This is the most important step. It should go without saying that if you want to plan for an important occasion, such as a reunion, starting early helps to ensure that everything is planned well and on schedule. The details and amount of time spent on the planning process may also vary on how many people are invited. 

Thus, it is important to plan the reunion at least a few months in advance. This gives you ample time to secure a venue, plan activities, send invitations, and secure the logistics of the event. Starting early also gives you more time to form a committee and invite other people to plan the reunion with you. This committee could involve the class leaders or any student who is interested in helping out with the reunion. 

Having a committee allows you, and the various leaders, to delegate the different responsibilities and tasks to different people, ensuring that the reunion runs smoothly. Starting early also allows you to source more manpower to help with the reunion. Just remember that it never hurts to start early when planning for the reunion. You don’t want to start late and have to rush through all the planning, likely resulting in an unsuccessful reunion. 

Connect and Track Down Classmates

Over the years, as life has gone on, you have likely lost connection with many of your former classmates. In this case, you have to reach out to your former high school for a list of all the graduating seniors in your high school batch. This allows you to track down your schoolmates and connect with them via phone or social media. 

If you can obtain their contact details from your alma mater, then you can also send each of them an invitation. Do bear in mind that this process of the planning phase is the most tedious, as it involves reaching out and connecting with everyone. The amount of logistics can be quite the hurdle, especially if you are sending physical invitation letters. 

Make sure that you have a checklist with the names of everyone involved in the reunion. You can also double-check with your former school to make sure that no one is excluded. After tracking everyone down, you can invite them to participate in a poll on their preferred date for the reunion. Remember, it is perfectly normal for some former classmates to be untraceable, as they may have moved houses, changed their phone numbers and perhaps they’ve changed their last names. Some people are also inactive on social media, making the task more challenging.

What is important is that you reach out to as many students as possible, to inform them of the reunion and spread the news. Over time, these people may also inform their circle of friends and more people from your former school will know about the reunion.

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