A 10-Year High School Reunion Planning Guide

A 10-Year High School Reunion Planning Guide

Class reunions are a great time for everyone to get together and reminisce about the past. They’re also a good opportunity to talk about how life has changed – families, jobs, new locations, etc. You may have gotten together for a five-year reunion and realized that some relationships were still intact. But at the 10-year reunion, people will have been living their lives without seeing each other in class every day for quite some time. Things change. A 10-year high school reunion will differ greatly from others.

Have you been asked to be on the committee for planning your 10-year high school reunion? If so, you might appreciate a little bit of guidance. We’re going to run through a few things you’ll want to check off during your planning process. After that, we’ll recommend the best website to turn to for planning any reunion.

Talk to Classmates

You could benefit from listening to the opinions of some of your classmates. Ask them for their input. You can take it or leave it, once they’ve given it to you, but it could come in handy. They may also be able to help you out with some of the contact information you may not be able to find where classmates are concerned.


Plan your budget and secure your financing. In some cases, funds may be made available through your former high school. You may decide to put together some fundraising activities, and you’ll likely ask the participants to pay an attendance fee (buy tickets).

Anything that you can provide for free, do so. Giving everybody one “free” drink ticket is a popular choice.

Your Venue

Reservations will be required so reserve your venue ASAP. Be sure to ask the representatives of your chosen venue about special rates or discounts for groups. Decide on your itinerary now, as well.

Your Theme

Sometimes, certain themes are assigned to a reunion to make them more memorable, fun, etc. You may decide to simply look back at your high school years and bring back entertainment, music, clothing, and more from that point in time. Themes that were used during your old homecoming dances, prom, etc. may be revisited now as well.


Email or go through the United States Postal Service to send out invitations. So you’ll know what kind of crowd you’re going to have (number of attendees), make sure the invitations include an RSVP. About a month after you mail out the invitations, the RSVPs should be required to be returned.

Got Mementos?

To help people remember the reunion a little better – and your days from high school – a few mementos will go a long way. Think about adding a short movie, slideshow, pinboard, or something else. To rekindle favorite memories, ask everyone to bring pictures.

Helpful Tips

  • Many reunions succeed better when they are planned for the weekend.
  • The most popular times for high school reunions are autumn and summer.
  • At least two years beforehand, start the planning process for your reunion.
  • Included in the invitation should be an official end time for the festivities.

Alumni Class Can Help You Plan an Awesome 10-Year High School Reunion

Alumni Class would be happy to assist you with reunion/event planning – whether it’s a 10-year high school reunion or some other type of school-related event. Our members enjoy perks like photo sharing, message boards, interactive features, and access to a number of event/reunion planning tools. Contact us to find out more!

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