7 Best Ways To Reconnect With Your Old Classmates

7 Best Ways To Reconnect With Your Old Classmates

Thanks to technology and the Internet, it’s gotten a lot easier to reconnect with someone you may have lost touch with. You just follow a few links after typing their name into Google. You can quickly find profiles and people on a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You might be able to get in touch with somebody through their email if you can find it.

For everyone on the planet, however, you don’t always get good results from Google. If you’d like to reconnect with old classmates, find a favorite teacher, see what your former coach is doing, etc., Google may not cut it.

Let’s look at several good ways to find the person you’re looking for – and then look at one of the absolute best ways.

Zaba Search

When it comes to a free search for public records, a number of people swear by this site. It may be especially worth a try if some of the options below give you difficulty or aren’t exactly what you’re looking for. Watch out for charges if this site ends up using other sites through which to do a search. Just a word to the wise.


You will be asked to pay a fee to access available information through Intelius. But you’ll actually be able to find some incredibly useful information from complete background checks to phone numbers and more. Check the price tag before you make a decision, however. If you have a lot of people you’re looking for, the price tag may not be as off-putting as if you just want to do a one-time search for one person.

Inmate Searcher

Sadly, you might be able to find the person you’re looking for with this site. Within the federal system and each state’s system, it includes a list of contact information for inmates. You may do better in your search if you know the specific state the inmate is currently incarcerated in.


You can search for individuals here though it’s usually used for job searches. If recruiters or employers are looking for leads, they might use Jobster. It can help you with your search, however, by offering up some useful contact information.

Zoom Info

If you want to find someone at their place of employment, Zoom Info is a good tool. Search results can include work locations, employers, and job titles. If you sign up for a free trial, you’ll be able to use their “contact this person” feature.


To access particular records, this is a good search tool. A decent number of phone numbers and addresses are turned up through the use of Pipl. It can also find online mentions, links to public records, and other useful information tidbits.

Alumni Class

Whether you graduated a few decades ago or just a few months ago, Alumni Class is the best place to locate your class reunions. You can order custom merchandise reflecting your school spirit, learn about upcoming school reunions, and reconnect with classmates through us. Now it’s easier than ever to reach your next class reunion. So you can revisit your old alma mater more affordably, we can help you and your classmates get the best travel rates, too. Fond memories and old friends await – contact us today!

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