6 High School Reunion Activities To Rebuild Your Friendships

6 High School Reunion Activities To Rebuild Your Friendships

When you get together with your current friends – or if you’ve decided to reconnect with old friends – throw formality out the window. Focus on the conversation and good company. Instead of making everyone focus on dressing up, shift that focus to catching up.

Perhaps you’re planning a reunion for your classmates. The high school reunion activities you choose will help to make or break your event. So, right from the get-go, everyone can feel comfortable, make sure you let them all know that this is a super casual event.

Let’s look at some activities and maybe even some games you may wish to include when organizing your next class reunion.

Name Tag Hunt

On the nametags of your reunion participants, include their old school photos. When each person walks into the event, have them choose a random name tag and let them know that, solely by the use of the old school photo, it will be their duty to find the matching person.

Name That Tune

You’ve probably seen this on TV. Make sure the songs you choose are from the era during which you were all in school. Come up with some imaginative ideas for prizes for the person who names that tune first.

Jeopardy – In Teams

You may have seen this game on television, but if not, make sure you catch a few episodes. Divide up into teams and use topics such as local events, popular music, famous movies, etc. All must apply to when you were all in school.

Dance Party – Award Prizes

Make sure you have music from when you were all in school together and have a dance contest (doing dances of the era, if possible). Once again, make sure you have some imaginative prizes to award the winners.


This is not a competition. It’s simply something for everyone to watch and reminisce about. Use as many old photos as you can from your school years, including many from the yearbook. You may even want to include some pictures of old headlines from that era. Set it to music for an added touch. Naturally, the music should be appropriate for when you were all in school.

Questions and Answers

During the event, ask some questions and, after the event, post the answers online for everyone to see. You should have a class reunion website set up where you can do this. Also, consider providing people with a reunion book. Here are some question suggestions:

  • During your years in school, what’s the most trouble you got into?
  • Even if you never had the guts to ask the person out, whom did you have a crush on?
  • Your favorite teacher was ______, but why?
  • What’s the funniest thing you remember about your school years?

Remember, you’re going for a feeling of nostalgia by playing these games or showing your slides. When it comes to games and activities, make sure you don’t over-schedule. Give people time to talk among themselves and enjoy their conversations.

Alumni Class Can Help You Plan a High School Class Reunion

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